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  5. "Mirri on kiltti lemmikki."

"Mirri on kiltti lemmikki."

Translation:Mirri is a well behaved pet.

July 6, 2020



lemmikki is derived from lempiä (“to love”) + suffix -kki (creates nouns with the quality of endearment).

lempiä may also further reduce into lempi (“favourite, love”), of which its original meaning may have ultimately been “heat or burning”.

Ergo, Finns love to have dragons as their pets. :^)


It sure would be cool to have one - although not necessarily a very good companion from the aspect of fire safety in a wooden house.


lemmikki kinda sounds like lemmings :D


Kilti means kind.how can we use for well behaved


Yes you can. I just used it and it was accepted. It is more accurately what is meant when we say a pet is kiltti than kind is

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