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"Darling, we are going away on a cruise, not an expedition."

Translation:Chérie, on part en croisière, pas en expédition.

July 6, 2020



Is the awkward English phrasing intended to steer us towards using partir rather than aller? Would On va en croisiere be considered wrong? (In English, you don't go away on cruises, or on expeditions. You just go on them.)


I think you're right about limiting aller in favor of partir. On part sounds natural to me.

I think your wrong when you say "going away" is awkward. It's very fluent IMO. Going, departing, and leaving are also adequate. "Going away", as you suggest, is the best cue for reverse translation.


This may be yet another US vs. UK difference. In my (American) experience, "going away" is always one-directional. If being home again in a week or two is part of the planning, whether of a cruise, an expedition, or a vacation, then you aren't going away. You're just going, after which you'll come back. The distinction is exactly the same as going (but not "going away") to the store for groceries.

Is is different in Britain (or wherever you live)?


No it is the same in UK English, going infers a return whereas going away is more final.


LSadun, I agree with you entirely. I wrote: "Chérie, on va partir en croisière, pas en expédition." Not accepted. If the English sentence had omitted the "away", my instinct would be to use "on part". I think my version should be accepted. As an Australian, I am in-between the US and UK English.


I live in Michigan. I agree that "going on a cruise" is very common. But it's a leaky situation (hehe) and "going away on (a) cruise" also sounds fine.

But in French, from what I've seen, It's better to use partir than aller when going away, even if you intend to come back later.

Or there's always "I'm leaving on a cruise."


Can someone please explain when On should be used instead of Nous


You can use either. Chéri, nous partons en croisière, pas en expédition.


Why not "Ma chère, …" ?


how do you see that it is cherie, not cheri? Cheri was marked wrong.


Chérie, on part en croisière, pas un expédition Why is "en" expédition only accepted in lieu of "un expédition"


Because you have to say literally "Darling, we are going away on a cruise, not on an expedition.".

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