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  5. "It is our dinner."

"It is our dinner."

Translation:Het is ons avondeten.

August 6, 2014



Well, it seems that Dutch is full of mystery. Ons vs. onze didn't have any apparent differences that I could find as I'm taking notes here, sing vs. pl., het or de. Anyone?


In the possessive form 'ons' is used when followed by 'het'-words and changes to 'onze' when followed by a 'de'-word.

Het huis - Ons huis (our house)
Het avondeten - Ons avondeten (our dinner)
De auto - Onze auto (our car)
De fiets - Onze fiets (our bicycle)

Also, use 'ons' for:
Reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, himself, etc.). 'We should prepare ourselves' - 'We moeten ons voorbereiden'.
Object pronouns. 'He helped us' - 'Hij heeft ons geholpen'.


Great! Thank you, and good show. I thought I had evaluated it for het and de, but I'm still getting used to the language and missed it, I see.


Keep in mind that the possesive ons is only used for singular het-woorden. All plurals take onze.

  • het huis - ons huis - onze huizen (our houses)
  • de auto - onze auto - onze auto's (our cars)


Nice. Along with "de" article for all plural, I recall. Most awesome! Thank you, my good man! So also, het vlees - ons vlees - onze vleesen? Is it like het paard? and de boterham - onze boterham - onze boterhammen
and I notice that auto's is like menu's- imported words, aren't they? Cheers...


Why is, "Het avondeten is van ons.", incorrect ? I am confused as to when to use (van [pronoun]) and ([pronoun] possessed object).?


Because you're saying "the dinner is ours", which is not what the sentence is asking for.


Damn, https://www.welklidwoord.nl/ said 'avondeten' was a de word not het.


I fell on the same trap. I was doubtful, though, because "eten" is a het-word.


Why wasn't van ons used like the other time? De hond is van ons.

[deactivated user]

    Why not "dat is ons avondeten"?


    Because that would mean "that is our dinner" instead of "it is our dinner". Those wouldn't mean the same thing in English so they aren't the same in Dutch.


    You tell that pesky owl! It's our dinner-talons off!

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