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"We want to spend more time in this country."

Translation:Haluamme viettää enemmän aikaa tässä maassa.

July 6, 2020



Me haluamme viettää enemmän aikaa tässä maassa. -> This answer should be accepted, right?


Yes, it should be!


Why not "lisää aikaa"? Does lisää not work with uncountable objects like time or something?


You can actually say "lisää aikaa".

"Tarvitsen lisää aikaa." - I need more time (I have time, but I need more in addition to the time I already have)

"Aion ladata lisää aikaa bussikorttiini" - I intend to/I'm going to load more time into my buss pass (in addition to the time I already have in the pass).

With "Haluamme viettää enemmän/lisää aikaa tässä maassa", it's basically the same sentence whichever word you use, but there IS a slight difference as "enemmän" is the comparative form of "paljon" (a lot, much), while lisää is "more" in the sense if "in addition to x".

"Haluan enemmän kahvia" - I want more coffee (a bigger amount)

"Haluan lisää kahvia" - I want more coffee (I already emptied my cup)


Add "me haluamme". Reported


Why tässä and no tämä?


Because you are spending time IN this country and not spending time this country.


Yes, but isn't it the "in" included in -ssa (maassa) or should be in both ?


It has to agree, are aren’t just in the country, you are in this country. The ending is not like a pronoun that gets attached to one word, it is a case which here indicates something being inside, and the words attached to the noun have to coordinate with the noun and be in that same case.


It is SO annoying, me too, same problem, and it happens tens of time.


It's unfortunate, but happens because the course is still in beta. :)


Why aikaa rather than kello?


Aika is period (of time)/time, kello- clock, watch, o’clock.

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