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"Je ne jette jamais les restes, je les cuisine."

Translation:I never throw away the leftovers; I cook them.

July 6, 2020



But if they are leftovers, they have already been cooked? I don't understand it.


Not always, but we often fry up leftovers in a pan, using eggs as a binder, and call it bubble and squeak. Otherwise we re-heat the original meal, so yes, this is not really cooking again, but just warming.


I've learned from a French speaker that "les restes" also refer to food scraps, not just left overs. Like, "on utilise les restes pour faire le fumet" when producing scraps of carrots, onions, and fish bones. So, in that sense it can be cooking. However it doesn't seem scraps is accepted unless I have another issue with my translation.


What is wrong with"I never throw leftovers away"?


Just a question: Is French punctuation different from English? I have noticed a number of cases of two sentences treated as a single sentence. When I translate, I usually put in a semi-colon, and occasionally separate the sentences entirely. Can someone tell us what the actual French practice is?


The French use commas and semicolons as much as we Americans do, which is quite often.

But Duo seems to have a hang up about using only one sentence in each lesson. Sometimes the syntax is odd because they stuff a lot of content into that one sentence! So maybe they should use the periods more, and the commas and sems less.


You don't cook leftovers, though you might cook with them. Reported.


I do cook leftovers, actually.


Me too. If in a pan with a couple of eggs we call it bubble and squeak. :)


I suffered 30 relentless unforgiving questions to get to this level only to be met with phrases like "afternoon after school snack" and "I never throw away the leftovers; I cook them" Can't we have sentences that have some reality. I re-use leftover, but there must be a better way of expressing this.


Wouldn't leftovers be already cooked?


Je re'chauffe les restes au micro-onde. (I reheat leftovers in the microwave.)


Leftovers have already been cooked. They are left over from the cooking process, that's why they're called leftovers. If they haven't been cooked they're not leftovers. Already cooked, left over, re-heated.


Je rechauffe les restes au four a micro-ondes. (sorry, no accent marks) I reheat leftovers in the microwave oven. Just saying.

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