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"This bridge again! We do not want to get lost!"

Translation:Taas tämä silta! Emme halua eksyä!

July 6, 2020



So like, in order, does 'taas' always come before a determiner (tämä, tuo, etc) and an object (silta) ?


No. Adverbials can be placed pretty much anywhere within the clause as long it doesn't split a different clause element. For that reason it can't go between "tämä" and "silta" but it can be placed after them. Although word order is quite flexible in Finnish, the placement of words does affect emphasis, and some placements can be very unusual.


Does this mean that taas at the end of the phrase (Tämä silta taas) should also be acceptable? Or would that change the meaning?


Yes to the first question. The difference it makes is so subtle that you don't need to care about it. I wouldn't know how to describe it anyway.


Got wrong because I wrote "me emme" instead of "emme"! It should be right also.


Got "wrong" for writing "Taas tämä silta! Me emme halua eksyä". "Me emme" really should be accepted. Maybe it would be dropped in spoken language, but it isn't wrong.


I love how you can say so much with so little words! ^_^


Why is "Tämä silta uudelleen!" wrong?


Supposedly “taas” has a more negative connotation according to this link https://hinative.com/en-US/questions/409483 . But maybe we can get more details from a native speaker or DL team here too at some point.

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