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  5. "That Swedish chair is old."

"That Swedish chair is old."

Translation:Tuo ruotsalainen tuoli on vanha.

July 6, 2020



I wish duolingo would actually teach this rather than attempting to figure this out by constant failure


Why vanha and not vanhaa? Duo said it was a typo to use vanhaa.


tuoli is countable, so both it and vanha are in the nominative when they appear in a sentence with the verb olla. Were the noun uncountable or were the adjective a part of an object after an object verb, they might be in the partitive.

  • Tuoli on vanha. The chair is old. (both sides of the verb are equal)
  • Ruoka on vanhaa. The food is old. (the adjective refers to something that cannot be counted)
  • Minä maalaan vanhaa tuolia. I am painting an/the old chair. (the chair is the object of ongoing action)


Thank you again! Awesome explanation. Also, thank you for your work in this course! Wish I could help more!


Thank you so much for this explanation!


Crystal clear explanation! Kiitoksia.


It should be considered a mistake rather than a typo because partitive case is not required because "tuoli" is singular and not a mass noun.


Heh heh heh. I got away with one there. Selected vanhaa on purpose but they let me get away with counting it as a typo.

Hopped into the comments to look for an explanation and found a good one here. Kiitos kaikille!


Vintage Ikea chair

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