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  5. "Where is the yellow juice?"

"Where is the yellow juice?"

Translation:Missä keltainen mehu on?

July 6, 2020



Is this wrong? Missä on keltainen mehu?


Perfectly correct :) If Duolingo disagrees, then just report it!

Although, I remember seeing something about the definite and indefinite article being addressed with the Finnish sentences by using the verb placement (yours meaning the indefinite), I think there might be something in the Tips even, but honestly, I have never thought about it myself (I'm a native Finn) and I think I use both sentences interchangeably...


It's not wrong. Duolingo is still learning too.


Reported on 24 July 2020.


Why not "mehua" here?


The English one is a definite article so it's now became a countable noun. It's most likely in a glass or bottle or so, and that's why you can use the accusative in Finnish too.


No, it's not a glass/bottle or at least that is not the reason for not using partitive. A bottle is "pullo mehua". But instead, this sentence describes all the yellow juice there is (in this context), as it was probably defined former in that dialogue. ("I bought an unknown amount of yellow juice." - "where is all of that juice you bought?", For example)

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