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  5. "Olemme pari."

"Olemme pari."

Translation:We are a couple.

July 6, 2020



Are both "Olemme pari" and "Me olemme pari" both valid?


Is "pari" cognate with "pair"? And in that case, could this also, technically, be translated to "We are a pair"?


Wiktionary says that pari comes from Swedish par and ultimately from Latin pâr, cognate to English pair and Spanish par. The definitions of pari are:

(1) a couple, a pair (as here)

(2) a partner (in an activity working in pairs)

(3) a cell in a battery

(4) a pair (two cards of the same rank) in a card game

I thought it interesting that the partitive plural is pareja , which is spelled though not pronounced like Spanish pareja "pair, couple."


Just in case, I would add that the pari in (3) is specifically an anode and cathode pair. The battery itself would be paristo, "a small group of battery cells/anode and cathode pairs". The ending -sto denotes a dense group of something. Another example would be kirjasto: kirja means "book", kirjasto is "library". :)


German "Paar" is also related.


Yes, and Russian "пара" (para)

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