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"Opettaja, miksi tämä lause on niin usein väärin?"

Translation:Teacher, why is this sentence so often wrong?

July 6, 2020



This translates to an awkward sentence, it really doesn't make sense in English and I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. Maybe, Why do I get this sentence wrong so often. Still is strange.


It can make sense in English as well if you view it as syntax as opposed to spoken language. Even if it seems silly, there are other sentences in English that use a similar structure, especially in writing and prose. We also should assume that not every sentence will have English grammar when translated as we go deeper into courses. IE: Your suggestion at the end isn't necessarily wrong, however it would be more like "Miksi tama sana on vaarin niin usein?" (Why is this sentence wrong so often) We cannot translate this to have "Do I get" in the english translation, since those words in Finnish are not included in the sentence.


I feel like this sentence is evil... Because I get it wrong so often! Lol


It means the same when you say Teacher, Why is this sentence often wrong?


Yup! Niin is usually added as an amplification.

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