"It is ham."

Translation:'S e hama a th' ann.

July 6, 2020

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Ok. I'm lost. Seo hama / this is ham 'S e hama / it is ham ...what is the "a th' ann" for, if not to say, and I am guessing, "it is ham that is here"?


Seo hama for this is a ham is just a shorter version of is e seo hama.

’s e hama on its own doesn’t mean anything (it’s literally a ham is it and it needs a further statement what the dummy it is), if you add the a th’ ann part you get a proper sentence ’s e hama a th’ ann, very literally a ham is what is in it, and less literally it is a ham.

You might want to read my response in the It is another sandwich discussion when I explain such sentences in a bit more detail.

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