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  5. "Istutteko te?"

"Istutteko te?"

Translation:Are you sitting?

July 6, 2020



In questions, would only "istutteko" be correct too?


But it does sound a bit abrupt.


It said i got this right, but i clearly typed this wrong "istut te koti"


"Sitting down" should be accepted as well as "sitting". The question sounds quite unnatural to my ears just as "Are you sitting?" I don't know if this is a British English thing.


This is a tounge twister for me


What's the point of the last "te"? Would the question change if I just say "Istutteko"? I don't quite get how the question form works


Questions with no interrogative word, such as this one, work the same way as in English; the subject and the verb are inverted and the clause begins with the verb. But in Finnish, the subject can be omitted if the verb is in 1st person or 2nd person, regardless of whether it's in a question or not. Questions with an interrogative word don't invert the subject and the verb, unlike in English.


sitting down should be accepted as it is essentially the same as sitting--probably more commonly used


Agreed - I don't know anyone who'd say "Are you sitting?" - it's too abrupt and sounds like you haven't finished your sentence. Always "Are you sitting down?"

However, in a longer sentence with more information you would say, for example, "Are you sitting on the sofa?" rather than "Are you sitting down on the sofa?" But without further info it should just be "Are you sitting down?"

Reported 11 Oct 2021.

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