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  5. "Please be careful Pöllölä."

"Please be careful Pöllölä."

Translation:Ole kiltti ja ole varovainen, Pöllölä.

July 6, 2020



I dont think this is a correct sentence


The Finnish translation is indeed odd. "Ole kiltti" can be used as a translation for "please" when it's accompanied by a request that is somehow related to decorum, which is not the case here. I would translate this as "Olethan varovainen, Pöllölä".


I would translate this as "Olethan varovainen, Pöllölä".

Wasn't accepted yet, hopefully some day.


It looks like the Finnish sentence is telling you to be two things, whereas the English sentence is telling you to be only one thing. Outo !


In this context "please" translates to "ole kiltti". So it says two things in both languages.


Double-checked with a Finnish friend of mine. He says he doesn't think a Finn would say that. To him it sounds as if someone would be trying to be overly nice and make the "please" be there. Simply "Ole varovainen" is the normal phrase.


My partner is Finnish and she agrees! Outo!


This not correct.. In Finnish we would say "Ole varovainen, pöllölä" now this translation goes like "be kind and be careful, pöllölä" it does not make any sense at all.


It doesn't make any sense.


Totally incorrect your translation please look at this course its peppered with incorrect translations


This doesnt make sense


Ole kiltti äläkä lähde ajamaan humalassa! would IMO be more correct use of "ole kiltti" or even "Ole kiltti ja jää kotiin!" (Please stay home!) in the same sense of pleading a drunk to avoid driving a car.

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