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  5. "Do you eat bread?"

"Do you eat bread?"

Translation:Syöttekö te leipää?

July 6, 2020



Should also be accepted in singular form:"Syötkö leipää?"


"Syöttekö leipää" is a valid form as well, but it's currently flagged as an error


There is no indication this is more than one person. So the singular form should be accepted.


I agree it should be accepted, but not with your reasoning. There is no indication this is just one person either. And even for one person, in Finnish (similar to French and several other languages) you can use the 2nd person plural to be polite, but it's becoming less common. (The opposite of English, where using the more polite plural form even when talking to one person eventually became so common that the singular "thou" fell out of use entirely.)


Syötkö leipää?


singular 'sina' should also be accepted as there is no clue in the Finnish that we are talking about more than one person.

[deactivated user]

    I've lost lingots on an advancement test because of the poor translations by Duolingo here. It's becoming more a quiz for the right duolingo answer and not the language. It's pretty poor stuff


    syötkö sinä leipää, should also be included in possible answers

    • syötkö sinä leipää and syötkö leipää
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