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"Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian"

Translation:suomi, viro ja unkari

July 6, 2020



From the same family language, I guess.


Hehe. The uralic languages


Sounds like a setting of a basic Finnish joke...


A Finnish speaker, an Estonian speaker, and a Hungarian speaker walk into a bar. The Finnish and Estonian speakers order in their native language, and the Hungarian speaker says, "How in the world am I related to you guys?"


In one of the sentence for Finnish language, i wrote suomi. It was not accepted and showed suomalainen. But here when i wrote suomalainen, it is stating me wrong and showing suomi. Confused when to use what.


-lainen means nationality. So hän on suomalainen, she is finnish talking about her nationality. Suomi on kaunis kieli, is talking about the language


This is yet another mistranslation. The correct form would be "suomen, viron ja unkarin kieli". I don't know what kind of google translate they've used for this. Theoretically one could refer to languages with the name of the country alone provided that it is not capitalized, but I would not recommend doing that, especially for new learners. The Finnish language is full of grammar tricks which only exist on paper and this is yet another one of them.


Not that theoretical. You will almost always hear eg. Mies puhuu unkaria instead of Mies puhuu unkarin kieltä.

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