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  5. "Millainen makkara tämä on?"

"Millainen makkara tämä on?"

Translation:What kind of sausage is this?

July 6, 2020



Is it totally wrong to say "a sausage"?


I try to do that too. :) I think they should accept "what kind of a/an x" as well, not just "what kind of x", as I at least don't think there is much of a difference. Or is there?

"What kind of a sausage is it?" vs. "What kind of sausage is it?"


I am British. I think the "a" is unnecessary. We say "What kind of sausage is it?" "What kind of a sausage is it?" sounds American to me. Although Grammarly, an American grammar checker, does not like it and wants me to remove the "a".


American English native speaker here, I agree that the "a" is unnecessary. But I wouldn't notice anything wrong if it was spoken out loud. For whatever reason, the phrase doesn't sound as odd to me as the written form looks when read.

In an informal setting I might ask, "What kinda sausage is it?" as a faster alternative.

Hope this helps! After reading and writing about sausage so much, I'm starting to get hungry...


My view as a native speaker (of British English) is that both are acceptable, there is very little difference, and without "a/an" is more common.


Spot on! Using "a" doesn't change the tone of the question; it's just faster to omit.


I'm slightly disappointed that there isn't more discussion on this sentence. It seems like a missed opportunity.


Same though. It kind of sounds aggressive.


Se on todella outo makkara!


This feels borderline aggressive.


Why is audio missing in this sentence? Was there a problem with the pronunciation of one of the words?


When can you translate "millainen" as "what is x like" as opposed to "what kind of x"? Ive seen Duolingo use both and haven't noticed a pattern.


I think both translations are equally accepted on Duolingo.


If you have to ask you can't afford it.

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