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  5. "Pippuri on pyöreä."

"Pippuri on pyöreä."

Translation:The pepper is round.

July 6, 2020


[deactivated user]

    If its the, it sounds like referring to the vegetable pepper which in Finnish is "paprika" I'm sure the article should be optional here


    True, looks like paprika and pepper are the same here. If that makes sense :)


    Do we really need the article "the pepper"?


    I think maybe "pippuri" would be in plural if saying that pepper in general is round.


    The pepper is round?


    "the" shouldn't be needed.


    Yeah, I lost my streak because I couldn't see that one coming.


    Yeah, I am annoyed that the article is needed... Capsicum is paprika, pepper the spice is pippuri. It's weird to be talking about a single pepper corn...


    Hmm, whole peppercorns are used a lot in cooking, so I don't know why it would be that weird to talk about a single peppercorn... :/ This doesn't strike me as an odd sentence, apart from the whole capsicum/peppercorn confusion.


    "Pepper is round should be accepted", since clearly this refers to the spice- that can be used without any articles unless it is a specific peppercorn, and there is no indication of that. Reported.


    Another person saying the article should be unnecessary, i wouldn't say "the pepper" because i wouldn't talk about a single peppercorn.


    Why is the adjective "pyöreä" not in the partitive case? It's in the predicate and refers to a noun that seems pretty uncountable.


    The noun "pippuri" refers to a countable noun, a single, whole peppercorn, and not ground pepper. :)


    Not in all the previous sentences using the word!


    But in this example, we're talking about unground, round pepper.


    Pepper is round should be accepted. When talking about the ground "spice" that comes in a pepper shaker, it is stupid to refer to multiple granules of the seasoning with "the" when describing it.

    You are not referring to Jalapenos or bell peppers.
    "Sinappi on mauste" accepts "Mustard is a spice" There is no THE MUSTARD requirement. It obviouslky refers to the sauce in a bottle or jar. What if referred to the actual plant?

    You need to CLARIFY and FIX this one!


    Is it round really?


    Yes, a peppercorn is round.

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