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"Gli uomini sono al ristorante."

Translation:The men are at the restaurant.

August 6, 2014



I spelled restaurant wrong and missed it wow


I did that twice -_-'


I used to always spell it wrong till i memorized it with rest-u-rant .. like you rest and rant .. see what i did there :D


Why is it "al ristorante" instead of "nel restaurant"?


"Nel ristorante" would translate to "inside the restaurant", which would work if you were to be talking to someone who wanted to know the exact physical position of someone else that is close by. "Al ristorante" means "at the restaurant", which would be the answer to those questions which deal with both longer distances and less of an immediate need to know where that other person is (think perhaps coming home from work and upon seeing the absence of person X, you asking person Y "Where is X?" to which Y would respond "She went to the ..." so there's more of a factor of confusion.

Hope this helps.


Because they are at the restaurant, meaning that they went there and can be inside the building, on the terrace, or on their way to the restaurant. "Nel ristorante" is not used. If you want to say that some is inside, you use "dentro".


Both fast and slow sounded like "I", not "Gli".


I believe the G is silent.


Kind of. It's silent in the sense that it is not pronounced as a hard [g], but it does affect the pronunciation of the word. It is rather [λ], which can be described as being roughly similar to the sound in million.


Please tell me thats a clove in your profile pic.


to me i sounds like something in between "yi" and "li". you start off with the letter l and end with the y. so in a sense "lyi". i learnt this from my Nonna. hope this helps. please correct me if i am wrong.


Why can't you say L'uomini?


Badly done, its spelled resteraunt in england..


Am I the only one thinking of 'The Godfather' here?


Yeah, they seem pretty tight on that spelling. I'm learning Italian not English!


I got this right but it marked it wrong. I looked at it twice just to make sure I didn't misspell anything the but it was correct. Weird


Dont understand what i did wrong?


I only mispelled restaurant. It was a typo i didnt get it wrong yet it marked me as wrong.


Why is it al and not a? Based on the grammar I've received you'd only use the article if ristorante is specific, i.e. modified or identified in some way. For example al ristorante novo or al ristorante ad angolo. But if it's only ristorante unmodified, there'd be no definite article so just a ristorante.


I spelled it right. It eas marked wrong!!??

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