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Cannot refresh Verbs Past (SP) back to orange

As the older lessons "decay", you can do a practice session and if you pass, a bar is restored to that lesson. However I cannot restore the last bar on the Verbs Past lesson in Spanish. I've passed the lesson with varying numbers of hearts on both my iPhone and Firefox but I can't get it refreshed.

Thanks, Steve

August 6, 2014



Hi Steve,

Sometimes you will need to work on this many times. If you "peek" at words (hover and have potential answers revealed) or if you make mistakes, this continues to weaken the skills. But even if you get 100% you might not encounter all parts of that skill that have been weakened just with a pass or two. Don't give up! :)


As I understand it, peaking doesn't weaken the skill directly, but it does affect the rate at which the strength of that word will decay. Over time the result will be the same, but it is a slightly different function. I say this based on a comment made by Luis sometime last year.



@pinkdoug, that is correct. I was not as precise with my words as I should have been. Thank you! :)


Thanks, but if it is the case that passing a refresher lesson may not bump up the status, then Duolingo needs to make that clearer to the users. Immediately they can post that on the site somewhere and then in an update, include a third status for refresher lessons: "Passed but not enough to bump." They need to manage user expectations.

UPDATE: I just got gold on Verbs Past, so you were right about repeating. My user expectation arguments still stand though.

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