"La pluie gâche le spectacle, c'est dommage."

Translation:The rain is ruining the show; that's too bad.

July 6, 2020

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I wrote "the rain is ruining the show, what a shame" I would rather say "what a shame", "that is bad" or "that is unfortunate" to express disappointment in the outcome of an event. I am not quite sure what Duo is trying to communicate with the expression "that's too bad". I recall seeing this in a number of Duo's translations and I cringed a little. The expression "thats too bad is used to indicate a lack of concern or empathy. For example, in this particular exercise, an alternative to this translation might be; "The rain is ruining the show, but I can care less"


I don't know much about the shift of meaning of "That's too bad". As a non-native speaker, I learnt and would say that it's used when something unfortunate happens. Of course, it could be used ironically in the sense "I couldn't care less", but so is the expression "C'est dommage"

On the other hand, the expression "What a shame" would be (literally) translated to "Quel honte/dommage". This French expression on the hand is mostly used in a sarcastic way (e.g. you say "La pluie gâche le spectale, quel honte/dommage", but you're actually happy that the rain is ruining the show).


Thank you! Your explanation does add some perspective to all of this.

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