"I get better results when I study."

Translation:J'obtiens de meilleurs résultats quand je révise.

July 6, 2020

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mieux (= better) is to bien (well) as meilleur (better) is to bon (good). mieux is an adverb and describes verbs; while meilleur is an adjective and describes nouns (and agrees with them).

Le meilleur/la meilleure/les meilleurs/les meilleures are the superlative form of adjectif meilleur: Ce bistro est le meilleur restaurant de la région. Qui vend la meilleure viande, le boucher ou le supermarché ? Quels sont les meilleurs, les poulets du fermier ou du boucher ? Ce sont les meilleures noix.


Why not "des meilleurs" since is plural. Thank you


Des becomes de before an adjective (except for a few fixed expressions like des petits pois )


US people, is revising not a thing over there? In the UK we study to learn something and then revise it e.g. for exams.


We review in the states, we never revise. Revise is 100% unheard of. Also, the meaning of "study" is much broader. We study to learn something and we study (or cram or less commonly review) just before the exam.


We DO revise in the USA, but it has a different meaning....to change (something), such as a paper one has written (AFTER reviewing it, most likely), not to review/study.


Thanks, that's interesting.


A revision is a change or alteration, to revise is to alter. It could be homework or more likely a legal document


Not here - it's what we in the UK call revising and in the US they call studying - going over material you have previously learned in order to prepare for an exam.


Why isn't it mieux? I thought mieux was equivalent to "better" while "meilleurs" was equivalent to "best"


The word meilleur(e)(s) is an adjective, whereas mieux is an adverb. Unfortunately for native speakers of English (and other Germanic languages, I guess), they both translate to "better". The distinction is kept in many other languages, e.g. migliore/migliori vs meglio in Italian or lepszy/lepsza/lepsi/lepsze vs lepiej in Polish.


j ai de meilleurs résultats quand je révise...( avoir=obtenir)


Can we get a little more discussion on the difference between RÉVISER and ÉTUDIER as translation for (TO) STUDY? Thank you....


English is not my native language, but I understand étudier as "to study" ("to learn for the first time") and réviser as "to review" (AmE)/"to revise" (BrE) ("to look over again in order to memorize").


remind me, someone please, why it's devrais and not dois


je devrais - I should

je dois - I have to/ I must


'en revisant'?

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