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" Yksi kahvi, kiitos. Haluatko maitoa vai kermaa?"

Translation:– One coffee, please. – Do you want milk or cream?

July 6, 2020



The way the question is phrased, with "vai", this means that black coffee is not a option, you have to choose either milk or cream. Am I correct?


Yes. To make them optional, 'tai' would be used.

Of course, in real life situations, it's not that strict; likely somebody would just expect for you to want one or the other, but it's possible to decline from having either. It's not like it's culturally insulting or anything to refuse (just to clarify).


Quite correct.


Yeah kinda, it dosen't really make sense, trust me


The question should be "Haluatko maitoa tai kermaa" - using vai leaves no option to have neither.

[deactivated user]

    This clears up my confusion between "vai" and "tai"!


    "Do you want some milk or some cream" is incorrect?


    Seems strange to me as well. Reported. 23-oct-2020


    No, only black coffee is drinkable!


    It makrked my answer wrong when I answered "...some milk or some cream" when it wanted "... some milk or cream". In English those mean the same thing. Either answer should have been accepted.


    Surely would you like coffee or cream as opposed to 'do you want' is OK too?


    It certainly should be - that's how I would phrase it anyway.


    "Would you like" is still not accepted. It is a more pleasing way of saying 'do you want'


    That would be 'haluaisitko'.


    Thank you for this! The course does all these gymnastics to make the English sound better with sentences like "There is a _ing in the _ over___" - making the learning SO needlessly complicated... It seems the same trouble here, where "Would you like" would be a more common way to say this sentence in English... but not if there is an actual way to say it in Finnish. Appreciated!


    I wrote "Do you want any milk or cream" and it was marked incorrect. Why is "any" not correct in this sentence?


    Maybe not the place to post this, due to the other issues here, but, wouldn't --

    "One coffee, thank you."

    Also be acceptable? I've heard this phrasing used plenty when ordering at restaurants. Perhaps it is technically different since please comes before and thank you comes after with this logic...


    "Do you want either milk or cream?" is not accepted, even though "vai" is used. I think putting "either" into the sentence should be accepted in this case.


    No I drink it black


    Ei, juon sen mustana :)


    So this was presnted as a tap the words rhing but with the last update its removed all unused words, makes it a bit too easy i think


    It didn't like me misspelling cream? Seriously?

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