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"Roosa, the market square is over here."

Translation:Roosa, tori on täällä.

July 6, 2020



So is tori always market sqare? In Swedish torg is any sqare


It's not necessarily a market square. Report if alternative answers aren't accepted!


Both the Swedish torg and the Finnish tori has a connotation to a built square where trade has been done. There have been several kinds of market squares

  • [sv] hötorg. [fi] heinätori : hay market
  • [sv] trätorg, [fi] puutori : tree market
  • [sv] fisktorg, [fi] kalatori : fish market …

and of course the general one

  • [sv] handelstorg, [fi] kauppatori : general market

Of course in a town with just one tori there has not been any need to specify, so

  • [sv] torg, [fi] tori : market square

In many cases trading has ended decades ago, but the names have stuck.

When it comes to open spaces, squares where trading has never been done, these are usually called

  • [sv] plats, [fi] aukio : square

but can even be

  • [sv] park, [fi] puisto : park

with very few trees.

There is also a loanword in Swedish

  • [sv] skvär ← [en] square

which has been borrowed into Finnish in form of

  • [fi] skvääri

but this is used only in a couple of towns in SW Finland for some squares (all before the time of the independency). In other parts of the country that name is unknown and not even understood.


Shouldn't kauppatori be accepted?

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