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"That Canadian penguin can play ice hockey really well."

Translation:Tuo kanadalainen pingviini osaa pelata tosi hyvin jääkiekkoa.

July 6, 2020



Some other alternatives that I would consider correct:

Tuo kanadalainen pingviini osaa pelata todella hyvin jääkiekkoa. Tuo kanadalainen pingviini osaa pelata jääkiekkoa todella hyvin. Tuo kanadalainen pingviini osaa pelata jääkiekkoa tosi hyvin.

(reported at least one of them, but now I forget which - hopefully all versions are soon accepted!)


In Finland we call ice hockey also as 'lätkä'.


Only colloquially.


Is it wrong to put tosi hyvin at the end of the sentence?


No, it is fine and actually sounds more natural.


This sentence makes absolutely no sense! There are no penguins in Canada.


Sidney Crosby on oikein!


I think about this post more often than I should. The sentence is about a penguin playing hockey. And your comment was that this sentence makes no sense because the penguin (who is playing hockey) is Canadian. Listen to yourself.


There are no penguins in Canada (except perhaps in zoos), but there are Penguins there every time the Pittsburgh Penguins cross the border to play a Canadian team.

The site could probably have avoided this deeply troubling controversy about penguins in Canada simply by capitalizing the word "Penguin" ("Pingviini").


Can someone explain why you use "osaa" instead of "voi"


Osata (-> osaa) means "to have the skill / ability to do something"

Voida (-> voi) is more like "to be able to do something"

The difference might be hard to pin down but it definitely is there.

"Hän ei voi puhua" = "He/she/they cannot speak" (something is stopping them, maybe they have a sore throat?) "Hän ei osaa puhua" = "He/she/they cannot speak" (they actually haven't learned how to speak in the first place)


This is SUCH a useful sentence is so many situations that I had to type it out 10 times in a single lesson ...

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