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  5. "This soda pop is black."

"This soda pop is black."

Translation:Tämä limonadi on mustaa.

July 6, 2020



Why there is one extra "a" on musta? When we add an "a", does it mean that it is a feature of the object?


It's a partitive case ending and it's there because "limonadi" is a mass noun.


Ahhhh now makes sense!!! Thank you very much!!


But why it's not 'limonadia' then?


A subject and its predicative can't both be in partitive case.


This has been repeatedly mentioned, but to no effect. But I'll try again. 'Soda pop' is archaic american. Unknown outside 50's comics in UK. Soda is still ok in the states, though dated. While in UK you still have a 'fizzy drink'.

Would someone uk / australia based comment, please?


Sodapop is a regional expression in the USA along with a few other terms. I don't think I've heard sodapop for many years but I think that it may be used by children. I noticed in Safeway the other day that the signage referred to soda or soft drinks.

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