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  5. "Kiina on niin suuri kieli."

"Kiina on niin suuri kieli."

Translation:Chinese is such a large language.

July 6, 2020



A large language? What does that mean?

Maybe introduce some adjectives that are more relevant to languages? Or only use the relevant ones?


It's probably a case of negative transfer from Finnish. "Iso kieli" is a language that has a lot of speakers, and the person who made the translation must have assumed that English shares the same notion.


Well... I can see that, but then - why not use iso instead of suuri? And the translation should be different, or explained, for this context. For example, maybe "widely-spoken".


"Iso" and "suuri" are usually interchangeable. The translation you suggest is the one I would have suggested as well.


The Chinese people are so short and tiny that they at least had to have a large language.


From a native English perspective, "large language" sounds nonsensical. Large in number of words, in population that speaks it? Since it translates so poorly to English, "iso" seems interchangeable with "suuri" here.


This sentence makes no sense. You can say, "Chinese is a widely-spoken language" to indicate that many people speak the language, but saying it is "large" is an error.


much like "handsome" langauge...


I was bit confussed seeing the translation " large language " I think saying widely spoken language would make a sense

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