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"We do not live in France anymore."

Translation:Me emme asu enää Ranskassa.

July 6, 2020



Is it wrong to say "emme asu Ranskassa enää"? I thought you could kinda put enää anywhere


That's Finnish word order for you. You could basically shuffle the words around as much as you like and still understand the meaning of the sentence


It is correct, as are the following:

Enää emme asu Ranskassa. Emme enää asu Ranskassa. Emme asu enää Ranskassa. Me emme enää asu Ranskassa. Me emme asu enää Ranskassa. Me emme asu Ranskassa enää. Enää me emme asu Ranskassa is a bit clumsy but still ok. Only Me enää emme asu Ranskassa is wrong.


I would add that while the sentences beginning with enää are perfectly good although a bit poetic sounding Finnish, they do not match the English sentence. Not only do they sound a bit poetic, but also like something referring to future events or decisions made about future events. They are more akin to "No longer shall we live in France". Placing the enää between or after the verbs is the most neutral position. Placing it after the word Ranskassa changes the emphasis a bit, but not as much as to cause major changes in the English translation. :)


Oh, and Emme me asu enää Ranskassa. and Emme me enää Ranskassa asu. and Emme me asu Ranskassa enää. are correct too, even though they sound like a reaction to the other party's comment. (Like negative of "We do live in France.")


I would add the words "oh but" in the English translation of the first two sentences here: "Oh but we do not live in France anymore/Oh but we no longer live in France". Finnish does weird things with word order. :)

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