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"Beth was driving yesterday morning."

Translation:Bha Beathag a' draibheadh madainn an-dè.

July 6, 2020



Can someone clarify whether there is or isn't an accent over the first a in dràibheadh please? In my list of words, there isn't one, and both are marked right in the practice (with, or without the accent). Many thanks.


When I hover the cursor over the word driving I get "a' draibheadh" but when I enter my answer I get "Another correct solution: Bha Beathag a' dràibheadh madainn an-dè."

Are both draibheadh and dràibheadh acceptable? Which is more common?


Yes, I'd be interested in the answer to this too. When I enter a' draibheadh it suggests I could also use " a' dràibheadh " But if I enter it with the accent, it says I am wrong! Clarification would be appreciated. Btw, when I looked up 'driving' in Learn Gaelic dictionary, it spells it without the accent, but it spells it with the accent for Self-Driving (fèin-dhràibheadh).


I'm having increasing difficulty coming up with the right answer even when I point to the sentence. The word order is wrong, or what is correct isn't even suggested, and then I'm marked wrong. Frustrating!


Maybe you need to go back and redo some earlier lessons, you must have missed something, do you 'strength' training, I usually do that before moving onto new stuff..


I missed it due to word order. Yesterday morning is rendered morning yesterday. Why is that?


many languages actually work that way, including spanish. the adjectives come in front of the noun. it's just how some languages work!


many languages actually are like that, including spanish! for example they also have the adjectives come before the noun, unlike english, which has them follow the noun. its different but does the same thing and just is something to keep in mind when putting sentences together, soon enough it will be easier to remember!


i apologize if a comment of mine is half duplicated it disappears when i post and idk if it actually posted or not on my end i cant tell lol


ok i mixed up my comment the whow thing is a mess but i cant see them to edit/delete so i apologize LOL i just meant to say some languages have a diff word order they arent all the same there isnt a reason it just is

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