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  5. "Isä on sisukas mies."

"Isä on sisukas mies."

Translation:Father is a man with sisu.

July 6, 2020



This makes zero sense unless you know what sisu is! I had to Google it - Wikipedia tells us that it's a common Finnish concept to do with stoicism but has no direct English translation.


"sisukas" in english "determined"


I still dont know the meaning of Sisu


"Sisu" is something that could be described as pluck, courage in the face of adversity, or determination. But, rather than trying to translate it to English, it works best to leave it as sisu, in the same way sauna is better left alone rather than calling it a hot-air bath or a steam bath.


The concept of sisu is beyond the scope of Duolingo.


I don't know. I just tried, "A father is a man with sisu" and it was marked wrong, so I shouldn't imagine that "a dad" would be counted as correct.


It's because you should have answered "The father ..." There's a definite article needed in this sentence.


I think it mean the father is a brave man!


I don't understand how you guys are learning finnish without knowing what sisu is... It's one of the first things you get to know when reading about the country and its culture. It's like learning Danish without knowing what hygge is...


I would say: "Dad is a tough man".

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