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  5. "Te siivoatte isoa taloa."

"Te siivoatte isoa taloa."

Translation:You are cleaning a big house.

July 6, 2020



Why would "You clean the big house" not be accepted?


The idea behind the partitive (if I read the tips correctly) is that it would almost always be translated as the -ing version of the English verb, as it implies continuation and not completion of the activity in Finnish.


Because the object being in the partitive case makes it clear that we're talking about an unfinished action underway, not a completed action.


I wrote, "You are cleaning the large house," and this was rejected -- the correct answer was "a big house." Large and big are synonyms, so it should have been accepted. Also since there are no articles in Finnish, I don't see how I could be faulted for say "the large house" instead of "a large house."


Yeah, "the large", "a large", "the big" and "a big" should all be accepted.

Just because Finnish doesn't have articles, it doesn't mean that all article choices should always be accepted though. What we express through articles in English, Finnish often expresses through other methods (sometimes word order, sometimes case). In this sentence though, both definite or indefinite translations in English work.


Would "Te siivoatte suuria taloa." also work? Would there be a difference in meaning?


Suuria is plural. If you want to say "big houses" then it would be "suuria taloja".


Sorry, I am still confused. Let's stay singular here. The correct answer here is "Te siivoatte isoa taloa." – I think I understand why – "taloa" is partitive because we are talking about ongoing cleaning of the house and "isoa" just matches the partitive case of "taloa". In a previous lesson, the word "suuri" was introduced as another alternative to "iso" also meaning "big". My question is whether these are interchangeable synonyms in this case or not and if we can also put in "suuria" the same way as we transformed "iso" to "isoa" because of the partitive case. Thank you.


Ok, I understand now. If you want to use suuri here, it will bend into partitive form "suurta".


"The big house" should fit


It does now.


I used large house and I think that should be right too


I reported an audio problem as I am still getting hiccoughs at the beginning of the audio on first hearing.


you are fixing the house!


it shod say that they are fixing the house not they are a fixing the house!

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