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"Water is running in the stream."

Translation:Vesi juoksee purossa.

July 6, 2020



Would be more natural to say "vesi virtaa"


I agree. Vesi juoksee when it's coming from a tap. In rivers and streams vesi virtaa.


I'm wondering whether "vettä juoksee purossa" would be acceptable, thinking that this is a kind of existential phrase, similar to "purossa on vettä".


Hmm, I think you'd need a bit more context to justify the use of partitive, but you can certainly say "vettä juoksee purossa". Maybe you could continue the phrase with e.g. "tavallista vähemmän" (less/a smaller amount than usual). The use of partitive, to me, indicates that the amount of water in the stream is somehow significant (unusual). Usually subjects are in the nominative.


why is vettä not acceptable?

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In this case the reason might be that precisely translated, it would be "there's some water running in the stream". See also pieni_chilipalko's answer in this discussion.


Why is "purossa vesi juoksee" wrong?

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The word order it's not natural for a general sentence. Even though in some specific situations that would be more correct translation. You can flag and suggest it and see what happens.

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