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"Vous voulez que je traduise le dictionnaire ?"

Translation:You want me to translate the dictionary?

July 6, 2020



I know this is Duo, and so within this app the rule is to translate as "Do you want" only if the French began Est-ce que, but this way of asking a question is rare in English. In real life I would nealy always translate this as "Do you want..."


In general you're right, but here I think the given order is best in English. It really makes sense only as a stunned rhetorical question, as is "You want me to do what?"


You've got a point, but to my ear it sounds altogether too rude to be a translation of a phrase using 'vous'!


Vous doesn't mean polite or formal, it just means the formal form of you. Someone can be rude to or exasperated with a stranger or an elder.

It's also plural, so this could be a teenager talking to her parents or someone addressing multiple peers. Certainly "translate the dictionary" is a crazy demand.


"Do you want me to translate the dictionnary?" Was accepted for me.


example 64828 of Duolingo sentences that mean nothing. lol


"You want that I should translate the dictionary?" Rejected. Well, it is what the French says, and, moreover, how many Americans would say it.


Some, I'm sure, but certainly not this one.

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