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  5. "Missä hotellissa sinä asut?"

"Missä hotellissa sinä asut?"

Translation:In which hotel are you staying?

July 6, 2020



Couldn't this also be read as "Where in the hotel are you living/do you live?"? The English of it sounds a little weird, but it could be interpreted as "What room are you staying in?"


I'm confused about this too. In the lessons until now, "Missä" has only ever meant "where" and "asua" has only ever meant "to live." As such, encountering it for the first time today, I translated it as "Where do you live in the hotel?" Instinctively I want this to be correct, but if it isn't, I'd like to understand why not


'Missä' can have different meanings. In the sentence 'Missä asut?' it is used as an adverb meaning 'where'. In this sentence 'mikä hotelli' is simply conjugated in inessive case, so it becomes 'in which hotel'.


"Asua hotellissa" means "to live in a hotel", not just staying for a few days.


If "Missä hotellissa sinäasut"? means which hotel are you staying, how would I say "where is the hotel you are staying?


I would say something like "missä on se hotelli, jossa asut?" Or " missä päin on se hotelli, jossa asut?". If you want to know the address or something else about the hotel's location.


Many English translations contain mistakes


Please could the admins take another look at this, based on the comments?

Since it's unusual to 'live' in a hotel, I made a stab at "Where in the hotel are you staying?" ... seeming logical when you have two words which up until now were translated as "where" and "in the hotel" ... but which turns out to be incorrect (unless anyone knows otherwise?).


Make a report if you want the volunteers to check out your suggestion. It will reach them faster than your comment ^^


I probably did. I usually do :)


Is 'In which hotel do you stay?' wrong?


"Where is the hotel you are staying at?"

Was my answer. Correct?


No, that would be Missä on hotelli, jossa asut?. It would be asking where the hotel is, not which hotel it is.

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