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Why doesn't the dutch flag show up by people's names?

I don't know if it is just a problem I am having or if lots do, but I can't see the dutch flag on mine or anyone else's names. Does anyone know how to fix this or if it is being fixed?

Update: Since posting this I can now see my flag but not other peoples' flag.

August 6, 2014



It shows up when it feels like it. It doesn't feel like it often.



I saw my Dutch flag on another post, but when I saw it this morning, it was gone. It's really an elusive beast. :-)

Update: For now, I can see mine and no one else's.


Oh come on my Dutch flag isn't showing either


Right now I can't see your Dutch flag. Edited: After I posted this, I saw my Dutch flag.


Susanstory, I see your flag but not juillzrulez45. Mine sometimes shows, and sometimes it does not.


Right now (2:17 PM August 6, 2014) I can't see my Dutch flag next to my name in my comment above or your Dutch flag or anybody else's Dutch flag on this page. Other times I can see my flag and other people's Dutch flag and sometimes not.

Added after I posted that: Interesting!! After I posted this comment, I could see my Dutch flag in this comment, but not in my previous comment that I posted above this morning and I still can't see other people's Dutch flag. After a few more hours, I probably won't be able to see my Dutch flag in this comment anymore.

(edited again): Interesting!!! After I added some more to this comment and saved it, I could no longer see my Dutch flag!! I guess it comes and goes!!


Mine usually shows...sometimes


Right now I can see your Dutch flag.


I can't see it anymore!


I was right. The Dutch flag disappeared after I clicked "Save". I bet a lingot that it'd disappear so here's the lingot. Now if I post something again, it'd probably reappear.


Again, I was right. After I posted above, my Dutch flag reappeared.


Hopefully it'll get fixed soon, I like seeing something other than German by my name for once, lol.


The Dutch flag seems to show sometimes, but not all the time. Right now I can't see the Dutch flag next to anybody's name, including mine. After I click "Post" I bet it'll show the Dutch flag by my name. (later). Sure enough, it showed the Dutch flag after I clicked "Post". Now, after I click "save" I bet a lingo that it'll disappear.


What ccf63 said. It is a glitch that they are trying to fix.


At the top of the page, I have it, but here it does not appear by your or my name. I take that back, here mine is. That was 10 hours ago, but it is gone again. I think that Dutch is still in beta and we have to be patient for all the features to be available in a consistent manner

Dutch is only available from English. Are you learning Spanish from English? If you are using a different base language to learn from, then you won't see the languages from the English or other base language. For example, I like to practice two languages at once by learning Spanish from French and then I can only see the flags that I have tried and learned from French. Same when I learn German from Spanish, only the flags that I have tried and learned from Spanish will show then.

Oh, and for the New people who happen on this post, you will not see any flag until you have reached at least level 2 in it which will happen when you have earned 60xp in that language.

For everyone that is having this problem and who already have at least level 2, this discussion should have been posted in the Troubleshooting forum. Please report this through the Help button below.


My German flag keeps disappearing for no reason... I have complained to duolingo like a million times already over the course of the year. This is certainly an unresolved glitch that needs their attention!


I can't see the Dutch flag on peoples' posts either.


Yo, where the flag at? :)


I can't see anyone's Dutch flag, but maybe if I post this I can see my own...?

edit: Oh yeah now I can, what is this?


I can't see anyone's dutch flag.


I have never been able to see my dutch flag :-(


This problem still happens to me too! Why hasn't duolingo fixed it after a year already. Deeply crossed -.-


still weird: works fine until I refresh the view and then it's gone again :-p

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