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"Les souris mangent des fruits."

Translation:The mice are eating some fruit.

July 6, 2020



What's wrong with 'The mice are eating fruits.'? Isn't 'some' optional in English?


I don't think your sentence is incorrect. You should report it.

I would just say "The mice eat fruit" which I think is also a reasonable translation.

Three things: to eat and to be eating are both reasonable translations; "some" is optional; without context we cannot say whether the mice eat many of one species of plant (fruit) or different species (fruits), because French uses fruits for both of these concepts.

This always happens with new exercises. Just report it and hopefully your translation will eventually get added to the database.


I incidentally put in " The mice eat fruit " and was marked incorrect.


@angus .. I believe the meaning changes with that. So it may be wrong.

"The mice eat fruit" suggests that the speaker wants to say that mice, in general, eat all fruits, without exception. In which case "les" would be an appropriate choice. But here.. the sentence wants to suggest that the mice are eating fruits... Which automaticalky means "some" fruit coz rhey cannot possibly eat all the fruit in the world.

But i agree that in English, *some" should be optional.

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