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  5. "Apua! Se murisee!"

"Apua! Se murisee!"

Translation:Help! It is growling!

July 6, 2020



Present tense "murisee". Surely this means "growls" as well as "is growling".


Yes, if it is not accepted, report it. That said, the reason for this pertains to English usage, not Finnish. In English we use the simple present for habitual actions (e.g. "I leave for work at seven") or things that are always true (e.g. "Duolingo is a free app"). Someone would not call for help in a habitual setting, but rather because of a localized immediate threat.


How can you be scared by a growling ?!


It's a weird sentence! If you really saw a dangerous animal growling at you, the fact it was growling would be your smallest problem...


This sentence makes me laugh!

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