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"Par qui ce spectacle est-il recommandé ?"

Translation:By whom is this show recommended?

July 7, 2020



In the 21st century (and most of the 20th) nobody has said "by whom is this show recommended?" We would say "who recommended this show?".


This one is debatable. You can say "who recommended this show?" in French. It would be "qui a recommandé ce spectacle?"

Although that carries the same meaning as "Par qui ce spectacle est-il recommandé" it is not the same sentence. Here they probably want you to write it passively. You can report it and see if they add your translation to the database, but the better translation, in this case, really is "By whom is this show recommended?"

Note also that the recommended translation better captures the register. You point out that the passive voice sounds a bit old-fashioned in English. In French, as in English, the passive voice is somewhat more formal here. Thus the active-voice translation you recommend doesn't quite capture that stuffiness. Accurate translations should maintain register, when possible.


I think that's exactly the point, Angus. We can express the question in the active or passive voice, but in English it’s the passive which most closely matches the French sentence.


In response to this exercise, I have, by turns, used both, "By whom.." and "Who..." variations.


Both have worked.


Why not "This show was recommended by whom?"


It should be "...IS recommended..."


I have so much trouble with the est-il and est-elle constructions and when to use them.


We don't use present tense for this. I realise that this is for the French, but I read the French, and the French is fine, but the English would always use past tense for this sentence.


I would agree - but Duo doesn't.


Could 'par qui est ce spectacle recommande?' work?


poor english translation


'who is this show recommended by' in common English usage today


What is wrong with... By whom this show is recommended... ?


That's a clause, not a question, because of where you placed "is".


The verb has to come between the subject and the object. Unless you want to speak like Yoda.

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