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"The fabric of your dress looks like my curtains."

Translation:Le tissu de ta robe ressemble à mes rideaux.

July 7, 2020



Madame, ce n'est pas une chose très polie à dire.


C'est Scarlett O'Hara!


duo it's annoying that all the options except the correct answer in the multiple choice use incorrect grammar. I don't want to read french with incorrect grammar, even if it's labeled as wrong - this has been shown over and over to hurt learning. The incorrect options should be grammatically correct but a wrong translation.


I agree completely, and this always annoys me too. We make plenty of grammar mistakes on our own when writing out our own translations, we don't need Duolingo to give us extra examples of them.


Absolutely i have long thought the same thing.


In English you would technically need to say "the fabric of your dress looks like that of my curtains". Do you not need to do this structure in French?


Actually in english you can say either, but the two phrases have slightly different meaning. "the fabric of your dress looks like that of my curtains" means "the fabric of your dress looks like the fabric that my curtains are made of" and "the fabric of your dress looks like my curtains" means exactly what it says.


"Exactly what it says" would mean that the fabric of the dress was curtain-shaped, which is obviously rubbish.


I believe so. I was ready to use "celui".


I incorrectly used 'a l'air' rather than 'ressemble', could someone help me by telling me why this can't be used here?


I believe since in this sentence, we're almost comparing two things, we use ressembler à. We can use avoir l'air to simply say how something looks but when something looks like another thing, we should use ressembler à


Les nouvelles voix sont horribles

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