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"Com que frequência você fala com eles?"

Translation:How often do you talk to them?

May 14, 2013



Is it bad that I took this to mean at what sound frequency (like pitch) do you speak with them? Oops. #audioengineeringproblems


How frequently is not accepted? Weak.


I agree. Especially when seeing the word frequência is probably going to prime your brain to translate to frequency. Was Portuguese ready to come out of Beta? I'm not sure. But it will take another year I think before it is not "weak", and accepts all reasonable translations.


Isn't "at which frequency" a better translation?


Em qual frequência = at which frequency Frequencia is a noun in this usage

Com que frequência = how often Frequência is an adverb in this usage.


I put down something similar and I dont think it should he marked wrong for it! I wrote down 'with what frequency', because, if you were to translate it literally, isnt that what it says? Com= with; que= what; frequencia=frequency.

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