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  5. "korkea puu; pitkä ihminen"

"korkea puu; pitkä ihminen"

Translation:a tall tree; a tall person

July 7, 2020



I don't think I should be getting this wrong for neglecting to include the indefinite article "a" in the translation. "tall tree tall person" should be accepted.


Exactly. This isn't even a sentence.


Are there guidelines for when to use pitkä (periods of time, people) and when korkea (everything else?)?


Yes, please! I've been wondering the same thing for the last three levels of this skill.

[deactivated user]

    Again there is some serious inconsistencies for adding the indefinite articles, some answers accepting them and some not, this is becoming more of a contrition for us users to guess which is which to placate the AI rather than actually learning Finnish!


    Does ihminen also mean human?


    This is definitely one of those instances where having a tips screen would be very helpful to the lesson.


    I am study at a University of Applied Sciences - Kayn Ammattikorkeakoulussa.


    First: whoa, that's quite a long word! Second: does the korkea in it mean the same as in the exercise?

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