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"A liter of coffee is not enough! I want more!"

Translation:Litra kahvia on liian vähän! Haluan lisää!

July 7, 2020



Isn't "ei ole tarpeeksi" the same as "liian vähän" in this sentence?


Liian vähän means "too little " so it's more correct to write "ei ole tarpeeksi ". That's what i wrote and it got marked wrong :(. Another option is "Litra kahvia ei riitä. Haluan enemmän"


Yeah, the Finnish in the answer here is "is too little" rather than "is not enough", IMO


I answered that too and thought we were going to be introduce to negatives!


Liian vähän means too little Ei ole tarpeeksi means not enough


'.. ei ole tarpeeksi' should fit


except we havent learned the negative verb yet, when this sentence shows up


Give the computer the answer it wants you to give, not the correct answer! :D


Worst teacher's statement ever!


But it's Duolingo truth.


What? This is so wildly different from anything else so far from lessons? I thought "tarpeeksi" was enough? And i haven't been shown how to handle negatives from this app yet :s but i supplement my studying here with extra stuff online and i know enough that there should be "ei ole" to signify "not" (i think?) which was not an option in this answer


'Tarpeeksi' is 'enough', but I'm not sure if it's that common to say "A liter of coffee is too little" in English although it's the literal translation. There's been lots of debate going on about this sentence in the comments, many saying that this is not a good sentence at all. So I think it's because of the English and I understand why it's confusing, especially when it's not probably explained anywhere and suddenly you should know words that are not the literal translation just because English works differently. (I get this often with the German course when I'm suddenly supposed to know some German idiom and I don't even know that the English one is an idiom to begin with.)


Àgreed. The real issue here is that we're learning, so one can't translate by "gist". They should move this sentence to after we have learned the negative, or change the translation here to something a bit more literal.

I'm fine with "a liter is too little" myself - it sounds a bit weird / marked, but it's perfectly grammatical.


very Finnish of you to say that


How are we supposed to know that this wants us to translate “not enough” as “too little.”


'Haluan enemmän' should be accepted. I have flagged it.


Agreed. I even think enemmän is better in this case than lisää, since the sentence sounds like the speaker is looking at the liter of coffee when they say this.


Would "ei ole riittää" work as well? (although liian vähän is the only answer Duo accepts)


Is not "haluan enemman" correct?


didn't accept "tahdon" for "haluan". reported 31.01.2021


Yksi litra should be accepted too


They write exactly "not enouth" in this sentens. Tarpeeksi should be akzepted


Litre, not liter.


Depends on the dialect.


No, it doesn't

Meter - a device Metre - the unit Litre - the unit Liter - nonsense


Liter is the preferred spelling in American English, and litre is preferred in all other main varieties of English.


If I'm not mistaken, British and American have some differences in words spelling. British : metre, litre, centre American: meter, liter, center

I'm not a native English speaker btw :)


I'm also not a native English speaker but that's how I've learnt it, too. I often have to check the spelling to see which one is "right" and then realize they both are right depending on if it's US English or not so I just use them interchangeably :D

There's so many words that are different in US and UK English and I just use all of them or just choose what I like the most, usually what is the closest to the Finnish word. E.g. I always say "chips" instead of "crisps" when I mean, well potato chips, because that's called "sipsit" in Finnish so I associate the sound with the word, whereas "crisps" never makes me think of potato chips.

And I often like to say "litre" because of Finnish "litra", but still I like "meter" more even though it's "metri" in Finnish, but some days I might still go for liter or metre.

[deactivated user]

    I propose EU English where both are right, liter and litre. Learning Finnish is about Finnish and understanding of Finnish. Both liter and litre accomplish showing you understand.


    "Liter" is American spelling.


    Yes, it does. Americans spell it meter and liter, ALWAYS.


    And they write "theatre" only in the names of actual theaters, just to seem more "classy."


    Pretty much! Only thing I'd argue - you need to spell it "classy" with the quotes. :p

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