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"Miksi ranska on tärkeä kieli?"

Translation:Why is French an important language?

July 7, 2020


[deactivated user]

    When I click on 'ranska', I hear 'franska' but when the whole sentence is played, it's pronounced 'ranska'. Am I supposed to hear f in 'ranska'?


    No, there should be no f in ranska. I checked the audio as well and I also hear the f that is not supposed to be there.


    Only if you're used to Swedish?


    How come French is an important language?


    The French have had a central role in European history since Caesar's wars on the Gauls, Charlemagne's "Carolingian Renaissance", the Crusades (including the Albigensian), 100 Year War. the French Revolution, and Napoleonic era. Their role in arts, science, early modern philosophy, and culture has also had worldwide impact over centuries.


    French is an official language (or in a corresponding position) in more than 30 countries. Only English has a bigger number of countries in this comparison. La Francophonie stretches to every continent. True, the international role of French has steadily decreased, as English has taken its place. With population and eventual economic growth in French-speaking Africa the importance of the French language may increase again. On the other hand, in my opinion a part of the endeavor France has used to defend the use of French in international connections, could have been directed to support minority languages in France. Now the situation of Breton and Occitane looks sad, like the case usually is with minority languages that lack sufficient support of the society.


    You are right, but France will simply answer you that there is no such thing as minorities in France. And it will carry on promoting languages diversity everywhere across the globe but on home turf. Without any 2nd thought.


    One could say: arrogance; imperial


    Because the French said so, and had the world believe them.


    It's not, Finnish is.

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