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Translation for "The"

I think a lot of people are confused with the translation of the word "the" to Indonesian. It is probably a good idea for the Duolingo team to explain why they are translating "the" into "itu", "ini" or "nya". That way when anyone asks why "the" is translated to "itu", someone can just give them the link that explains it.

August 6, 2014

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You right! today is my first time use this aplication and i am confuse when some my translation was wrong just because the word "the". then i read the explanation after that i just understood it.


yeah, me too. the word is always annoying me when it become wrong


this is very frustrating, e.g., 'my parents live on the island' - 'orangtuaku tinggal di pulau' is marked as wrong, you need 'orangtuaku tinggal di pulau itu', according to duolingo. but then 'the district is in the capital' is wrong if I translate it to 'distrik itu berada di ibu kota itu', I must translate as 'distrik itu berada di ibu kota'


Well, I think "the" in the first sentence is definite, whereas in the second, "capital" is already definite and thus doesn't need anymore "itu".

But if you think the sentence was wrong, please don't hesitate to report!


I think the problem is that there is no direct translation for "the" in Indonesian. "Itu" basically means "that". Maybe the Duolingo team should try addressing this to the learners.

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