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"En ole Kanadassa vaan Suomessa."

Translation:I am not in Canada but in Finland.

July 7, 2020



What's the difference between vaan and mutta?


It's the same as the difference between "aber" and "sondern" from German or the difference between "men" and "utan" (the conjunction) from Swedish. "Vaan" is the kind of "but" that introduces information that contradicts the information that was just negated.


"Vaan" would be the translation for "but" in "not - but", like "not in Canada but in Finland". "Mutta" would typically join two phrases, for example "Haluaisin ostaa auton, mutta minulla ei ole rahaa" ("I would like to buy a car but I don't have any money").


Good explanation. I'll try to memorize it from now on. Kiitoksia


The second "in" can be omitted and still be a natural sentence. Reported

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