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"Olemme pahoillamme, mutta meillä ei ole tuota kokoa."

Translation:Our apologies, but we do not have that size.

July 7, 2020



The English implies things here that the Finnish does not. The English form indicates they never have that size, while other people might, but the Finnish only indicates that they don't have it (currently). If you don't stock something, it means the product exists, but you've made the decision not to carry it in your store.


Good point, "we don't have that size" should work


Now where did the "stock" came from?


we do not have that size is as well correct


The Finnish sentence should be something like - Olemme pahoillamme, mutta me emme pita tuota kokoa (kaupassa).


Finnish implies that they currently don't have it, English implies that they do not have it now, have never had it and/or do not intend to ever have it. If you want to strictly have the "stock" in the sentence, it should be "...we do not have that size in stock."


"We are sorry, but we do not have that size" should be a correct translation I think

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