"Je le connais bien et je lui fais confiance."

Translation:I know him well, and I trust him.

July 7, 2020

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first "le" then "lui". Why?


Because it is "faire confiance à qn" → indirect object.

Alternatively you could say "… et j'ai confiance en lui.". I do not know which is closer to "I trust him" and which is closer to "I have confidence in him".


"Faire confiance à qqn" and "avoir confiance en qqn" are often interchangeable, although "faire confiance" can be a one-time stance while "avoir confiance" is more permanent.


The audio doesn't sound like the French written sentence. At normal audio speed, the actor says "mais je lui fais confiance" rather than "et je lui fais confiance". I thought I was going crazy!


If this were "I know her well," etc..., Would it be "Je la connais..."?

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