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"Do you want something more to drink?"

Translation:Haluatko lisää juotavaa?

July 7, 2020



Is "Haluatko jotain lisää juotavaa?" wrong here?


"Haluatko lisää jotain juotavaa" should be correct (note that order of words)


Not accepted, I'll report it.


same question that I had!


Same question. I think it should be correct


Something more I translated with haluatko jotain lisää juotavaa. Why is that wrong?


Same question as above!


Can anyone tell me why enemmän can't replace lisää here?


Enemmän is "more" as in "more than." You use it when comparing two different quanities. Lisä is "more" as in "some more." You use it to indicate an additional quantity of something (and, in this example, it's in the partitive).

I'm a learner, not a native speaker, so you would do well to wait for a more authoritative voice to comment before you commit my explanation to memory :-).


Vau! Kiitos paljon! Yes, I think you're right, I think I've read something similar to this somewhere. Take a lingot! <3


Haluatteko te lisää jotain juotavaa? was marked wrong. Miksi? I really don't know.


Haluatko vielä jotain juotava


Haluatko vielä jotain juotavaa? Would it be okay???


No, because the sentence here implies that the person already had something to drink. Your sentence could be used also when someone has had something else, and then asking if they also want something to drink.


I put "haluatko joitain viela juoda" and was marked wrong. When I saw the Duo correct answer, I wondered what the extent was of mess I'd made of my effort, and put it into Google Translate to find out ... and, lo and behold, it came back as "do you want something more to drink". Could anyone from Duo care to comment, please?


I think (although I am a learner too), that google translates sentences word by word, and than ofcourse it guesses right. In real life people would understand what you meant to say, (I noticed that, since I tried some of my new learned Finnish in Finland last week and I made a lot of mistakes) but it is grammatically incorrect.

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