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  5. "Tuo ei ole järvi eikä meri."

"Tuo ei ole järvi eikä meri."

Translation:That is neither a lake nor a sea.

July 7, 2020



I'm pretty sure that 'meri' and 'järvi' in this sentence are ambiguous whether they are definitive or indefinite, so 'a lake' and 'the lake' and 'a sea' and 'the sea' should be accepted? I think that 'that is not a lake or the sea' is the most normal way to translate it into English


'that is neither a lake nor the sea' is the most normal way, but while speaking with a pause in between, people may also say 'that is not a lake..... neither is it the sea'


A sea sounds a biy weird in English as you would typically know which sea (North sea, baltic sea,...) You are looking at.


I think even if I didn't know which sea I was looking at, I'd still call it the sea.



Sea and ocean have two meanings each. They are synonymous when you mean the entire continuous body of salty water that covers most of the earth. "Sea" is used in the names of small sections of this and "Ocean" is used in the names of large parts, but if you're just talking about the whole thing, either word fits.


Soon I will be one with the sea #Ensiferum #Thalassic


"It's not a lake... it's an ocean"

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