"You taste the fish sauce."

Translation:Tu garum gustas.

July 7, 2020

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How to tell if the you here is the collective you or an individual


You can’t tell from the English so both should be accepted as correct.


Why is the fish sauce translated specifically as garum? Is there not any other, more general word for "fish sauce" in Latin?


Duo says that "You taste the salty fish sauce" is "Garum salsum gusto," right? I tried putting "Garum gusto" for this, but it says the answer is "Garum gustatis." Then why does it say at the top here that the answer is "Tu garum gustas.?" Honestly, I am really confused.


Gusto means 'I taste'

Gustas means 'You (one person) taste'

Gustatis means 'You (multiple people) taste'

Both (tu) garum gustas and (vos) garum gustatis should be accepted here, the tu and vos being optional.

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