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"Te harrastatte hiihtoa muttette jääkiekkoa."

Translation:Cross-country skiing is your hobby but ice hockey is not.

July 7, 2020



Explain why it matters if ..."but not ice hockey" is written. I don't see why this should be incorrect.


Report it, should be accepted


I am about to report it. Fully agree with your comment.


It's grammatically weird to end that way without also changing the first part

"A is your hobby but B is not" or "Your hobby is A but not B" are both natural. On the other hand, "A is your hobby but not B" is a bit off...

It should still be accepted but if you're looking for English advice, it is not a very well formed sentence.


Reported audio: "muttette" sounds like "muttet"


" Cross-country skiing is your hobby but not ice hockey " is an absolutely correct answer


feel like this part is a bit inconsistent because sometimes only 'you have____ as your hobby' works but here the order changes


"Hiihtoa" is just "skiing" isn't it? Google has "muurtomaahiihto" for cross-country skiing, which certainly sounds plausible. Even if "hiihto" can mean both, it seems odd to have cross-country as the default answer.


In fact that translation is correct. Learned it even in school. Hiihto is cross-country skiing. We non permanent skiing nations probably have the word skiing to cover up the whole business, en tiedä


Is it: mutten, muttet, muttei etc?


Yeah. :)

Mutta (minä) en/mutten

Mutta (sinä) et/muttet

Mutta (hän/se) ei/muttei

Mutta (me) emme/muttemme

Mutta (te) ette/muttette

Mutta (he/ne) eivät/mutteivät


Thx pieni_chilipallo, would negation verbs like mutta conjugating (or similarly eikä) be considered verbs just as we conjugate forms of olla, "to be"?

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